10 Hilarious Pictures Of Cosplay Fails

Comic-Con is a gigantic overall presentation that commends everything to do with pop culture. It is the central hub for nerds and is a standout amongst the most foreseen occasions every year for devotees of TV programs, books, funnies and motion pictures. The Cosplay highlight of Comic-Con enables individuals to take on the appearance of their most loved characters and attempt and win an opportunity at a fantastic prize. Because of this, we see many fascinating pictures of astounding outfits every year. Close by these extraordinary ensembles are some truly absurd outfits too.

This list features 10 of the funniest cosplay fails around.


#1. Crossdress Cosplay


#2. Gundam Suit


#3. MegaMan Weeps


#4. Pink And Proud


#5. Team Naruto


#6. Team Rocket


#7. The Ugly Blonde


#8. Three Sad Boys


#9. Wet Split

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