How to Remove Pimples on Your Face | Acne Removal Tips

Pimples are the biggest problem and more than 90% of girls are facing this problem, they just need only some simple steps to stay away from pimples and other sort of skin diseases. You can use some home remedies to avoid your skin form pimple we know that God blessed us with different sort of natural beauty care products which helps you to get rid of all acne problems, here are naturally growing vegetables in this world which includes plenty of vitamin C and we know that vitamin C foods helps to support our body and they also helps to get rid of pimples.



How to Remove Pimples on Your Face


Pimple treatments

Mostly pimples occur on oily skin and so that’s why those who have oily skin just avoid eating oily foods if they want to get rid of acne problems. Use the given point which will help you to get rid of pimples, dark spots and other sort of acne problems.

  1. Aspirin tablets: These tablets are the best way to remove pimple from your face you just have to make the paste of aspirin tablets with fresh water and then apply it on your face over the night and wash it from your face in the morning, use it daily to get pimple free skin.


  1. Mint juice: Make the juice of fresh mint and then apply it on your face, I sure that it will help you to get fresh skin; you have to use it daily on your face.


  1. Tomato paste: Grind up tomato in a very well paste, let it cool for ten minutes after it apply this paste on your face just on the effected parts of your face if you want to get rid of pimple and try  to apply it daily to get fresh and pure skin.


  1. Skin specialist: Make a tour to skin specialist because the skin of face is considered to be more sensitive than the skin of other parts of the body, so that’s why I suggest you that while using any sort of acne cure treatment you must make a tour to skin specialist. He will suggest you the best ways to cure acne problems and will also suggest you some sort of home remedied and medicated treatments to get rid of acne problems.


  1. Honey: A natural product such as honey is considered to get healthy skin and will also help you to get pure skin. Apply pure honey on your face and let it for 10 to 15 minute and then wash it to get healthy and pimple free skin.

These are the most adoptable acne treatments; you can apply them on your face to get pure and fresh skin.


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