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summer makeup tips for black women

Doing a perfect makeup on black skin is quite tricky and difficult because shades don’t give their effects on dark tone. It is important to prepare skin for makeup first.

summer makeup tips for black women

Cleansing and exfoliate
Before putting on makeup , thoroughly cleanse your skin and then tone. Finally massage lightly a scrub to remove dead skin cells and renew them.
It is extremely important to hydrate black skin using good quality moisturizing lotion. Apply a generous amount all over the face, neck and hands and absorb fully.
Now its time to apply base. Choose water-based or oil-based foundation. In summer, water-based works better and does not get sticky. It is thinner and applies well. Keep it light and dab only small enough to cover entire face and neck area. Make sure it is evenly applied and fully covers all areas on the face. Choose foundation that is compatible with your skin tone. Dark shades of foundations are made for African skin.
Lose powder
Dab some lose powder to absorb excess oil especially from the T-zone that is chin, nose and forehead. The powder will enhance staying power of your base as well. Many brands offer foundation and lose powder in one pack. It is better to buy both together because they are well compatible with each other.
Light eye makeup
In summer, light eye shadow looks great. So choose pink, lavender, silver, soft green, lighter olive and neutral tones of any shade that you want to apply. Highlighter is also good. Carefully swipe your applicator on the eye lid, starting with inner corner and moving to the outer. Make corner as you like. Use darker shade for that.
Lining your eyes
Eye liner defines your eye shape and makes them distinct. Apply any color from inner side of upper lashes to its end. You can extend it as well if you like. Then repeat the same for the other eye. You can also line lower lash line too. It makes eyes more dramatic and graceful. Eye liner is applied in different shapes. Some women prefer thin lines, others go for thicker shapes.
Curl eye lashes with long lasting extended mascara. Apply in the lower lashes too. First apply one coat and let it dry. Then re-apply another coat. Look down and move wand upwards while applying the mascara. Summer makeup is usually light, so mascara is optional. You can use only lash curler for the purpose, when doing causal day makeup.


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