Top 10 Beauty Tips For Teenage girls

Well girls always much conscious about their beauty and they always try to get something admirable to catch magnificent look and pure skin. But their desires never come true if they stop caring their self, but they may be able to get it, if they try to be feeling that what sort of treatments our face needs to get pure skin or how I can cure my acne problems.

Here are given some beauty tips which will help you to get pure skin and I sure you that these tips will lessen the amount of makeup on your face with which every teen age lady try to adorn their face. These tips will help you to get natural and pure look free of pimples, dark spots and freckles. Just try to use these tips to get unmark-able beauty and fresh skin.

Top 10 Beauty Tips For Teenage girls

  1. Try to drink plenty of fresh water, we heard that fresh water is the way to fresh skin and will help you to get shimmering skin tone free of dark spots.
  2. Make a change in your diet and it is consider as the perfect way to get pure skin, vitamin C foods are the perfect way to fair skin tone, so try to have vitamin C foods like cabbage, orange, guava and some other foods to help acne problem.
  3. Make a mixture of oatmeal, lemon juice and olive oil it will be a type of mask, apply it on your face for 15 minutes and wash it with warm water it will help to remove black heads from your face.
  4. Apply the marrow of aloe Vera on your face for at least 15 minutes, this will help you to get soft and fair skin, you can use it daily.
  5. Apply few drops of fresh and cold water on your face with cotton, it will help you to get fair skin and it is the most suitable home remedy.
  6. Take the juice of carrot in a bowl, let it cool by placing it in fridge, use this juice three times in a day on your face lat it on your face for 15 minute after it wash your face with a suitable soap.
  7. Make the mixture of baking soda with fresh water apply it on your face, wash your face after 10 minute, it will help you to cure acne problem.
  8. Try to eat green vegetables they help to keep you physically fit.
  9. Always try to go for morning walk, it helps you to walk in fresh air and make your skin as fresh as everyone need.
  10. Apply the mixture of same quantity of almond oil, olive oil and coconut oil; apply it on your skull and hair to get strong and shinny hair.


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