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A Psychologist Explains Why It’s Better to Stop Kissing Your Children on the Lips

Some time back Victoria Beckham posted a pic of her kissing her girl Brooklyn on the lips and wishing her glad birthday. It caused a warmed discourse in the remarks on whether it’s satisfactory or not. Specialists state, kids must feel adored and safe in the family condition. In any case, kissing on the lips isn’t the best plan to express parental love.

Here at Shesols we tried to figure out, why this way of expressing love is so hotly discussed and what opinion children’s psychologists have.

It can shift the kid’s understanding of personal boundaries.

The lips and the mouth are the individual limits of a child’s body, as analyst Charlotte Reznick clarifies. At the point when you kiss a youngster on the lips, you give them that their body outskirt is open and that somebody can meddle into their domain with no issue.

This additionally incorporates tight swaddling, coercively feeding, and forceful tickling. In this manner, intrusive guardians can expand the danger of their youngster building up an “injured individual disorder” with the failure to state “no” and deal with their very own limits.

It’s unsanitary.

Specialists, and particularly dental specialists, caution that there are an enormous number of microorganisms in our mouths that may not taint grown-ups, however can be transmitted to kids and damage them significantly. Furthermore, since the youngster has a flimsier safe framework, Charlotte Reznick explains, some risky contaminations can enter their body through salivation.

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