Best Acne Treatment Tips For Oily Skin

Oily skin has open pores that attract dirt and oil that usually clogs the pores making it full of acne, pimples, and scars. Acne is usually seen on oily skin especially when girls are in their teens. This can be because of hormonal changes, unhealthy dietary habits, unhygienic lifestyle or medical reaction.

No matter what is the reason for pimples, there is the best acne treatment for such type of skin. It’s effective, simple and easy.

Best Acne Treatment Tips For Oily Skin


The best way to treat acne in oily skin is to keep it clean all the time. To do that, you need to cleanse it at least twice daily. Every morning and evening can be the ideal time. Wash your face using a good acne face wash and then cleanse with cleansing milk or lotion. Remove with the clean cotton ball. Make sure you don’t touch the acne because it transfers bacteria making the condition of the skin worse.

Some girls and women have no idea about exact procedure and duration, so they usually do over-cleansing making skin dry and irritated. Using a foaming cleanser instead of cream-based is a brilliant option because foaming cleansers are much better to wipe away extra oil from the skin.


Dab some astringent on the acne using a cotton ball. Apply it on entire face and neck after cleansing the skin. Alpha hydroxy acids or salicylic acid is found in some astringents that clear acne breakout. Choose a reputed brand for best results.

Water-based and oil-free:

Always buy makeup and other skin care products that are oil-free. Like foundation, night cream, moisturizer, cleansing milk, sunscreen, and masks. These should have no oil because your skin has too much natural oil already. You don’t want to make a mess with makeup and other skin care items.

Gels and ointments:

Use acne treatment gel or ointment all day and night especially at night because the skin gets no touches while you are asleep. Anything applied to it at night works better and much faster. If your face is full of acne, you better keep it covered with gel, ointment or cream for all day and all night, that means round the clock.

No scrub:

Oily skin can get irritated by scrub, so avoid it. Rubbing the skin will cause more irritation instead of deep cleansing the pores. It can also make acne bleed leaving marks behind.

Fruit masks:

These are ideal for closing large pores in the skin and nourishing the cells deep. They also keep the skin tight, firm and fresh. So, apply any good fruit mask once or twice a week.