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5 Best Exercises For a Perfect Butt

Like tummy saggy and bloated butts look really awful and you must keep them tight to look fabulous especially if you like wearing western clothes that highlight your butt area. There are many exercises to improve body shape and some focus on thigh and butt area only.

Donkey kicks:

Begin on all four by keeping hands on shoulder-width apart and knees hip-width apart. Rest your right foot flexed and leg bend, raising right leg and press your heel toward the ceiling so that your foot is directly above your butt. Now squeeze your glutes and return slowly to starting position. Make sure your knees are off the ground. Repeat the moves fifteen times and then switch legs. Don’t take pause while doing this exercise to keep body warm up and tone the area.

Doggy hydrant:

Keep hands shoulder-width apart and knees hip-width apart. Keep feel flexed and knees should be bent. Open left leg out to the side until the inner thigh is parallel to the floor. Squeeze glutes and abs. Then return to the starting position with your knee slightly off the floor. For best results, repeat this fifteen to twenty times and then switch the legs.

Chair kicks:

This is an easy exercise to tone your butt muscles. Hold a chair and turn it to the backside. Stan to your arm length from it with the feet together and grab back of the seat with your both hands to maintain balance. Now lean forward slightly lifting your right leg directly behind you while keeping the knee straight. Squeeze glutes and square hips with the chair. Don’t open the hip out to the side while you kick behind. Raise the lg as high as you can and them bring it down with control. Return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise ten to fifteen times and then switch legs.


This is a really easy move and many of you are already familiar with it. Stand straight with your legs at a position wider than shoulders width. Turn out your toes and keep arms straight out in front of you. Squat down while keeping your knees in line with the toes. Squeeze your abs tightly and keep the back straight. Stay in squat position for a few seconds and move up and down. Raise and lower your butt six inches each time while in squat position. Do it ten times.

Squat kicks:

Begin standing with your legs wider than hip-width apart and the toes slight turned out. Keep your arms straight in front of you and lower your body into a squat until the butt comes just below the height of your knees. Keep the knees behind the toes when you are squatting. Stand back up and when you reach starting position lift left leg as high as you can to the side. Lower the leg back to the ground. Repeat ten times and switch legs.

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