Beware of 10 Damaging Ingredients of Makeup Products

Everyone knows that cosmetics are full of chemicals. There are ten most toxic of them are discovered by the experts, so you must avoid makeup items that contain any of these. Read labels carefully before making a purchase. Because you can’t take risks when it comes to your beauty, skin’s health and appearance.

1. Parabens

These are added widely to increase shelf-life of makeup products. They can disrupt your hormonal functions, which have a direct impact upon your skin. Sometimes, it can leave influence that stays on long-term basis and requires medical assistance to manage. So, beware.


It is as harmful to use externally as consuming it internally. It makes skin excessively dry depriving it of its natural moisture. It is used to improve smell of the products. Synthetic fragrance can cause allergy, headache and nausea in some women. If you have overly sensitive skin, avoid using makeup that has alcohol especially in huge amount.

3.Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles

Researches show that women, who apply sunscreens containing zinc nano particles, develop high levels of zinc in their blood, which is a serious sign. Whenever you are going to buy a sunscreen lotion, make sure it does not contain this harmful ingredient.

Beware of 10 Damaging Ingredients of Makeup Products
Beware of 10 Damaging Ingredients of Makeup Products


This a popular ingredient that is now added in beauty products. It is also used in several modern hair treatments. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), formaldehyde can cause cancer.


These are known to disrupt hormone functioning in th body. These can also disturb reproductive system. Today, Phthalates are added in many personal care products and makeup items. You will see them in scented creams, hair spray, nail enamels, shampoos and so on.


It is present in most anti-bacterial items and it works to kill bacteria. But, when used in makeup, it can harm human health. It has adverse affects on environment too. So, avoid products containing triclosan.

7.Dihydroxyacetone or DHA

DHA or glycerone is a major ingredient in self-tanner products. If it is ingested or inhalaed it can cause serious damage to DNA. It can also lead to cancer, which is fatal disease affecting millions in the world today. DHA is approved to be used externally on the body but it is really dangerous if you inhale it. For women, using self-tanners, go for such tanners that have aroma guard. It will prevent the unpleasant smell and also side-effects of DHA. So, you will be at safe side.

8.Retinyl Palmitate

It is safe and effective when used in night creams. But if you use any product containing Retinyl Palmitate during day time, it can break down in sunlight and form free radicals. These are harmful for the skin cells. There are chances of developing cancer. So, you must avoid sunscreens and day skin care products that have this chemical. Also, schedule your night cream time carefully. Remove it before going outdoors under direct sunlight.


These ingredients are disrupting for hormones and trigger skin reactions. These are absorbed by the body and with excessive use, these can develop kidney and liver cancer.

10.Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth sulfate

These can dry the skin. Found in shampoo, dishwashing soap and floor cleaners, these can damage the immunity and cause dry scalp and skin rashes.