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Black Hair Care Tips to Make Your Hair Healthier

Black hair are considered as (African American hair) and the women of this era try to put fanatical interest to get healthier hair, but if we point out African hair then we can say that they are the most hardest type of the hair, African hair are usually strong and healthy and they look much rigid. Black women’s hair is totally different than the Asian girl’s hair and they always try to change the nature of their hair to get sexy and glistening look. I am going to pen down some natural remedies to get healthy and long hair as you desire to have.

Black Hair Care Tips to Make Your Hair Healthier

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Read the given hair care tips if you want to get healthy and shiny hair, we know that black hair are moisturizer free or they have less quality of moisturizer they are hard to comb and it is much difficult to give them striking look devoid of intricacy.

  1. If you want to make your hair fully moisturized and healthy then you have to moisturize them carefully, you can use henna as a perfect moisturizer to get soft and healthy hair.
  2. Deep conditioning treatment is necessary to get healthy hair, make the paste of henna powder with lemon juice, marrow of Aloe Vera and mustard oil. Take a cup of henna powder, two tablespoon of lemon juice, two tablespoon mustard oil, you can also add yogurt (two tablespoon), mix-up all the purities. Be sure that the mixture is fully merged into each other, put this mixture aside till this blend fully adheres. Apply this blend on your hair from tips to the roots of hair and wait until the blend get dried up (two hours), wash it with suitable shampoo using fresh water. Within two or three uses of this paste you will be able to get long and shinny hair as a black women desire to have.
  3. To get shin on your hair just try to apply this paste, take two table spoon of Aloe Vera’s marrow, one egg yolk, one table spoon of olive oil, one table spoon of coconut oil and one table spoon of mustard oil. Mix up all the ingredients and apply it on your hair just try to massage your skull with this mixture wait for 30 minutes and then get it washed away with a natural hair care shampoo, I hope after two or three uses of this mixture you will be able to get fully moisturized hair with pleasant shin.


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