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How to Apply Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Hey! Before going to makeover your eyes you have to keep in mind that what sort of appearance you want to adopt like dramatic, classic or natural. So if you want the perfect appearance for you then it is the right way to makeover your eyes because it symbolize if you have already selected a theme for your eyes and after it you will be able to get a perfect eye makeup to make your eyes as beautiful as you want to get them.
Mostly girls want to get dreamy eye makeup because this type of make provide them a look akin to a Barbie. So here we prearranged some best makeup tips for eyes and by following the given points you will be able to get beautiful, shimmering and stunning eye makeup to rock the place where you are going to prominent yourself.

How to Apply Eye Makeup for Blue Eyes

Best eye shadows
Women all the time try to get perfect eye shades which make their look as prominent and as enthusiastic as someone dreams to have, charming eye shadows are the trendiest way among women to have beautiful look and mostly women like to wear them with thick mascara which deeply prominent their eyes.
First of all you have to find the color of your eyes while going to makeup if your eyes have blue, gray or blue green color then you can use a tool to makeover them. The tool named as color wheel and by sung this tool you will be able to find perfect color for your eye shades which will clearly suit with your skin tone and also with the color of your eyes.

Way to cover your eyes with makeup
Follow the given points to hold makeup on your eyes it will help you to have perfect makeup just in few moments without the help of any expert.
1. First of all cover your eyes with primer make sure that primer fully cover the eye lid, you can mix it on your eye-lid with the help of your finger. It will help the eye shades to keep their place on eye.
2. It’s time to choose eye shades for your eyes the eye shades must be in dark color and use thinner shade and light color just right to give a sort of little big shade rather than dark color and this type of eye shading will make your eyes more prominent on your face.
3. Sue flat brush to apply different color on your eye lid from the palette.
4. Now for this step use soft brush to shade outer part of your eyes and move the brush slightly upward using light colors to give your eyes a final shape.


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