How to Care For Curly Hair

Naturally black curly hair is seems to very rough and too much thick, girls who have this type of hair couldn’t avoid hair crushing. Black women naturally got this kind of hair and they always wonder to get latest about to care hair and to get them shinny, shimmering and gorgeous but it is hard to make their dream to fulfill. Some women used to wash their hair without shampoo, they usually use dishwashing liquid and dishwashing soap to wash their hair, and they think that by using this they can avoid their hair from harsh chemicals.
Acquaintance to any of the hair care product is the perfect way to get health hair, but it could be easier with use of healthy diet and natural ingredient hair care products. Here I am going to write some points which will help you to know that how to care curly hair simply but perfectly. Presently you read the given points to get keen knowledge about curly hair care and I hope that these tips will help you to get rid of any sort of hair problem.

how to care for curly hair
Curly hair care tips
It is hard to care curly hair but not too much hard as we think for that, you just have to follow the given points to get a glowing shin on your hair and a cute soft touch.
Your hair need best conditioner to get soft look, so we not only heard about it but I sure you that henna is used as best conditioner with some mixtures.
Just try to make the mixture of given ingredients
* 2 tb lemon juice
* 2 tb yogurt
* 2 tb olive oil
* 2 tb coconut oil
* 2 tb mustard oil
* 1 ½ cup natural green henna powder
* 1 cup fully boiled red tea
* 2 egg yolks
* 3 tb marrow of Aloe Vera
* Fresh water as needed
Method to prepare mixture
Make sure that the red tea is cold now (after boiling) put it in a large bowl set in henna powder, lemon juice, coconut oil, olive oil, mustard oil, marrow of aloe Vera and yogurt then try to make the paste you can add some fresh water to make it fully merged, blend it till the mixture got final shape. Put this mixture aside for 10 minutes, after it add egg yolks and blend it again, paste is ready now you can apply it on your hair from roots to tips, be sure that  every part of hair should be covered with this paste. Wait for two to three hours till the applied paste get dried, wash it with suitable shampoo and try to use this mixture two times in a week to get soft and shimmering curly hair.