Increasing Age Effects On Face! How To Stop?

Have you ever noticed the facts that affect your facial skin as your face and neck are the most sensitive part of your body. Your face is an open book to the entire world and one can judge easily whether you are sad or happy in one glance. Now your aging process is an ultimate reality of your life which you cannot stop. So, rather thinking of to stop aging, be realistic and replace it with a fact that you should age gracefully. Here our goal here is not to stop aging but to protect premature aging of your skin.


Your skin youthfulness depends on the way you treat and nourish it rather than the aging. If you take good care of your skin it will remain in healthy condition even if enter in 50’s. Lets first identify the core factors responsible for the premature aging and damaging:

1. Environmental pollution.
2. Excessive sun exposure
3.  Poor eating habits and diet
4. Smoking
5. Stress
6. Lack of sleep

Now how you can overcome them and make your skin radiant and glow follow the below mentioned important but simple tips.

increasing age effects on face! how to stop?
increasing age effects on face! how to stop?

Stop rubbing:

First don’t rub and pull your skin no matter what it takes as it creates breakouts and damaging.


Keep your skin neat through regular cleansing every night to remove all the dust and dead cells and give your skin a treat of facial in every 2 or 3 weeks. If you are having sensitive skin take facial on monthly basis and dnt exfoliate it much as it can cause irritation and redness.

Minimize sun exposure: Prevent sun exposure mainly during 10 am to 3 pm when the sun it brightest. As sun exposure is known to cause premature wrinkling, aging including lack of elasticity, collagen etc and even cancer. If it’s necessary, wear a sunblock with SPF 15 or greater.

Balanced diet: Have a proper diet rich in green vegetables and anti-oxidants as it will boost your body’s immune functioning ultimately making your skin appear brighter and healthier. One more thing quit junk food intake.
Drink lots of water: Most important thing “Do your body a favor by DRINKING A LOT OF WATER”. It will bloom your beauty from inside out.

Exercise: Take some time out to do exercise and deep breathing early in the morning in the open air as exercise tones your muscles and increase the blood circulation necessary for a healthy skin.

Scheduled sleep: Sleep tight at least 7-8 hour daily and make a schedule to sleep daily at the same time as the fluctuations can lead to poor bodily appearance.

Manage stress positively: worries and complications are the part of life so rather tan indulging into Figure out the strategies to manage your stress in a positive manner as too much stress can lead to decline in body functioning and poor appearance and the first thing to be affected is your face.

Quit harmful cosmetics: Most importantly stop applying too much cosmetics and fairness creams containing hydroquonione as they are the major contributors to damage the skin. Always consult your dermatologist for the best care products…