Party makeup Tips For Black Women’s

It is very rightly said by Rachel Zoe that style is a way of expressing yourself without the use of words. Focus is mainly on the beauty of fair women and makeup industry mostly neglected the black beauties. Make up for the dark skinned women is quite a challenge. Women with dark skin have plumpy lips, nicely toned skin and piercing eyes so we just put the effort to flaunt them.Well it is very true that certain makeup tricks don’t look best on you but, don’t give up. All you have to do is to learn new ways and tricks to undermine it. Follow these tips and gain an absolutely perfect look.
Choice of Foundation
The fundamental thing about your makeup is your foundation. Make sure you select the foundation according to your face complexion. Experts usually recommend that foundation should be selected two tone less than your face complexion. Now apply it all over your face and try your level best to make it even no matter if you have to mix few different foundations to achieve your goal.
Choice of Powder
Your choice of powder should be very intelligent. Sometimes a good powder is a better replacement of the foundation. Make sure to select the powder that is translucent and without having yellowish hue. Powder is necessary because many dark skin girls have problem of oily skin and use of the powder will give you an instant fresh look. So, put some amount of powder on your face and pat it.

Party makeup Tips For Black Women's
Party makeup Tips For Black Women’s

Application of Blush

Application of blush is very much casual for fair women but when it comes to dark skin women its application make them look more elegant. The best color of blush for this type of complexion is dark shades of orange and red. Now if you are having prominent cheeks apply it on your cheek bones but if you are having flat, fluffy or round face then apply blush all the way between jaw line and cheek bone.
Eyes demands great attention as they are the most prominent part of your face. For dark complexion the best choice is dark shades mostly the shades of bronze and brownish and black shades. Also the shades of pink or pumpkin will go great on these eyes. Smoky look is best recommended for this type of complexion.
Finally when it comes to your lips you goal is to highlight them as it makes your overall look complete. Well, the use of light shades is an absolute “NO” for the dark skin as regardless of enhancing your look it will make you look sick. So, always go for dark shades like dark brown, purple or red that will enhance your look.
So, do not consider yourself inferior. Be confident what you are as it depends on you how you mold yourself.