Top 10 tips for eye make up

Eyes lead the way directly to the heart. Well that’s absolutely true as eyes are the reflection of your inner self. They have the ability to express all what you have to say without even uttering a single word. So, on your face they are of main focus. Now when it calls for an occasion for a glamorous look, you have to focus mainly on eyes to make them amazing and dazzling.
Now here are some of the tips which can help you all the way making your eyes attain an amazing look.
First, you have to hide you dark circles and any discoloration under your eyes. For this go for a concealer. Use your finger for its application and apply three dots of the concealer starting with the inner edge where there is a maximum discoloration then under the pupil and lastly at the edge and pat it. Never rub it, only pat with soft finger until all the dark circles and discoloration disappears.
Makeup Base
Now, take a makeup base matching your skin tone and apply it on your eyelid. It is the secret of keeping your eye shadow last longer otherwise your eye shade will end up forming a greasy line in some time.

top 10 tips for eye make up
top 10 tips for eye make up

Take a dark colored eyeshadow as they work great as an eyeliner. Start from the inner edge to the outer edge. Now smudge it with your little finger as you don’t need a prominent line. For a smoky look apply the dark eyeshadow with the brush to the upper lid and below the lid and blend it thoroughly.
Apply Eyeshadows
Take a 3 toned eyeshadow and apply them one by one with the darker at the outer edge and medium light in the middle and lightest at the inner edge to brighten up your eye. Use the brush and blend them thoroughly until they give a homogeneous look. After blending check the outer edges and make them prominent using some more dark eyeshadow.
Highlight Browbone
Now finally when you  are done take some light eyeshadow mainly of skin or mild brighter color and apply it on your browbone to highlight it. Blend it using your little finger.
Eyelash Curling
Curl your eyelashes using the eyelash curler. For better results heat it under the blow dryer for few seconds and then use it for curling.
Application of Mascara
Now apply mascara to the curled eyelashes thoroughly starting from the bottom and taking the wand upwards. Repeat it until every eyelash becomes prominent. Repeat this procedure for the bottom lashes as well.
Giving different looks
For a nighttime function use a blend of dark, medium and dark shadows and apply them as mentioned above. For giving an artistic look make use of bright colors and blend them in with a light shade applied in the inner edge making them look livelier.
Choice of mascara
Choose mascara that suits you. They are variety of mascaras that are available out there. The best prescribed it cake mascara which are mainly used by models. The other is waterproof mascara that is best for the people who have to cry a lot. Also there is mascara that has little fibers which makes your eyelashes appear thick.
Quality products
Here your eyes are all ready for your ongoing party or any occasion giving you a gentle and elegant look. But one thing should be kept in mind all the products should be of good quality as to protect your eyes from any damage.