10 Unwanted Things Every Woman Needs To Stop Doing

Several women are bound nature wise to do some specific things that must be shunned. These acts do not look harmful at first sight however can give bad results after sometime. These tasks are built in the memory of women since its birth however become prominent as they grow up. Few factors are natural and few grew up with them because of environment.

Unwanted Things Every Woman Needs To Stop Doing


10 things every lady needs to stop doing are:

Considering you the reason of every mishap:-

Women are in habit of apologizing all the time and making excuses for every single mishap whether they have done it or not. This situation occurs due to lack of confidence. If you have done something, wrong than admit it with confidence. Moreover, if you have not done anything wrong than do not admit it whether everyone is against you. Stop making yourself responsible for every single mishap; this can ruin your confident level.

Saying ‘YES’ to wanted and unwanted things:-

Women with less confidence say yes to everyone’s request. The make it their responsibility to act upon everyone’s orders. Ladies! Please stop doing this thing. This can be very dangerous. It will force you to do even those things, which can ruin your life. Do not let your time waste for anyone else. Do the task if you can do it. Otherwise, say ‘NO’ in simple words.

Saying ‘NO’ to yourself:-

Your life and time is precious. In addition to helping and serving others, leave some time for you too. Make yourself relax for some time. Your health and beauty is more important than serving others all the time. Balance your daily schedule. Set a time table in which, at least 2 hours must be for your personal activities. Stop saying No to yourself.

Considering food as enemy:-

Some women take dieting as starvation. Starving is actually an opposite of dieting. Dieting means to intake right amount of nutrients for perfect health but starving means not taking right amount of nutrients. Please, do not consider food as your enemy. Eat balanced diet for happy life.

Thinking as everyone is talking about you:-

Women used to think that everyone around are talking only about them. However, this is a wrong intention. People nowadays are so busy that they do not waste their time in gossiping especially working people, who do not have time even for themselves.

Making comparisons:-

This factor is the biggest shun able thing that women do. They start comparing themselves or their family with other ones. This comparison making not only disturbs you but also people around you. Therefore, try your best to avoid such things.

Wearing heels everyday:-

Wearing heel does look glamorous and stylish but it does not mean that you wear it every day. This act looses your charm in front of others. Try to make yourself versatile in styling. Heels can make you restless resulting in lack of activeness, which is highly important for you.

Finding disease remedies from internet not original doctor:-

Women usually prefer to find remedies for diseases on internet; they usually reject the idea to go for a checkup. These acts sometimes work but sometimes not. Therefore, Doctors must be consulted, whether the disease is small or complicated.

Expecting to be appreciated by everyone:-

Women do even the most difficult task in order to please her family, and expect that everyone will appreciate her. However, some things must be appreciated but women should not make it a habit. This can ruin the mood of everyone.

Fearing being alone:-

Women fears to be alone anywhere or going alone. They must be confident enough that they protect themselves. Fearing all the time will give nothing but panic. Therefore, shun fearing and be brave. The one who can take care of whole family can take care of her own self. This is not a big deal.

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